Open-Source Machine Learning for Time Series Analysis

Web Platform

The cesium web platform allows interactive exploration of machine learning pipelines. Upload your time series files, select your machine learning model, and watch cesium do feature extraction and evaluation.

Try it out!

  1. Download the docker-compose file for Cesium:
    curl -Lo docker-compose.yml http://bit.ly/29GkVXY
  2. Ensure you have Docker Compose up and running, then:
    docker-compose up
  3. Wait a few seconds and navigate to
  4. Create a project and GO! If you want some test data, an example header file can be downloaded with
    curl -Lo example-headers.dat http://bit.ly/29FtRXy
    , and time series data with
    curl -Lo example-series.tar.gz http://bit.ly/29HKmVZ